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What to Consider when Buying a Used Car

Posted on Friday 22nd January 2016

Buying a used car is a big decision so it is vitally important that you choose wisely. However, there is of course far more to buying a used car than picking a well known brand and being won over by its shiny appearance. You need to ensure the car you opt for is a safe, reliable vehicle that will work out to be a good investment.

With this in mind, here are a few things that you would do well to consider before handing over your cash.

Make quality your chief concern
As with any other high value purchases, don't just go for the cheapest option you can find. Quality should always be your chief concern so ensure your efforts are geared towards finding a decent vehicle for a fair price.

Avoid private sellers
If you can, go out of your way to buy from a reputable dealer rather than a private vendor. Most decent used car garages and second-hand vehicle dealers these days offer warranties so even if your purchased vehicle develops a fault after it leaves the forecourt, you will still be able to get it mended for no additional charge.

Ask for documentation
Regardless of whether you are buying from a garage or a dealer, always ask to see documentation such as log books, MOT certificates and service history. Being able to view this information will provide you with peace of mind that you really are more likely to be getting the car you think you are.

Consider the overall costs
If you are short on cash or are anticipating lean times ahead then think about the cost of the vehicle on a wider scale. This means factoring in car tax, fuel economy, insurance, emissions and repair costs as well as the initial purchase cost. Naturally, this can make a significant difference to the overall price of the car, so make sure you consider more than just the price on the windscreen.

Carry out a car data check
Although this is the final consideration on this list, it is in many ways the most important. It is an unfortunate fact that a used car isn't always what it seems. Indeed, you may well find yourself dealing with a dishonest vendor or someone who is genuinely unaware of their vehicle's true status and as a result you could end up buying a car that is defective, stolen or which has even been written off in a previous life. Fortunately, a comprehensive vehicle check covers many aspects from mileage and value to service history and police records so it will help you to know more about the vehicle standing in front of you and thereby give you a better idea of whether it is worthy of your continued interest.

Quite simply, the importance of completing the above checks should never be underestimated; so if you want to gain increased confidence that you're choosing a used car wisely; remember these considerations and be prepared to use our services.

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