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Car Data Checks for Everyone

Posted on Friday 30th January 2015

There was a time when Car Registration Checks were only available to the people working within the car trade. Moreover, Car Data Checks were also the near exclusive preserve of financial and insurance organisations which used them to obtain fast, accurate and comprehensive vehicle history and identity information for their application processing and underwriting processes.

Fortunately, this has changed markedly in recent years and as a result it is now possible for ordinary members of the public to benefit from these handy tools. Indeed, Car Data Check services can now provide second-hand car buyers like you with invaluable information about a car before you buy it, such as whether it has been written off by an insurance company, imported or exported, reported as stolen, or has any police interest or outstanding finance on it.

Why are Car Checks Important?

It is thought that around 160,000 cars are recorded as stolen by the police every year. In addition, more than half a million cars were written off last year, with almost a third of these deemed too dangerous to return to the road. Naturally, these aren't the type of cars that you want to be buying. Fortunately, the information available from vehicle data checks can help you to identify any stolen or dangerous cars that are being sold under false pretences (in fact, Vehicle Data Checks identify nearly 30 stolen vehicles every day).

Another risk which prospective used car buyers face is that of outstanding finance. If a car loan remains unpaid when a buyer purchases a vehicle, they will not acquire the title to it nor will they be protected by the Sale of Goods Act (1979). Thankfully, carrying out a Vehicle Data Check will help you to avoid this (indeed, the latest figures indicate that nearly one in four cars checked in this way are found to be subject to some kind of finance agreement).

Avoid the Risks

Quite simply, carrying out a Vehicle Data Check on a used car will reduce the risk of you losing your money as it will tell you there and then whether the 'bargain' you are tempted to buy has any kind of hidden history. It is estimated that as many as one in three used cars for sale have some form of hidden history, so a car data check could help to make sure you are not caught out in any way or left holding the keys to a motor which has any number of problems.

The process of carrying out a Vehicle Check is very simple, especially now that the Internet is so widely available. Indeed, it is thought that more than a million car buyers a year now pre-check prospective car purchases to find out if they have a hidden past before they decide to part with their cash.

So, if you want to make sure your next used car is everything the owner says it is - get online and get a used car Vehicle Data Check!

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