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A little research can really pay off...

It is a sad fact that 33% of second-hand cars sold in the UK have some sort of adverse history. With many possible problems that could rear their ugly head, such as undisclosed outstanding finance on the vehicle, being an insurance write-off, mileage clocking, the car technically being scrapped or even reported as stolen. What looks a wonderful buy on the surface could hide any number of faults and problems. An unprepared buyer could easily lose money, and even lose the car should they fail to give the vehicle they're buying a proper checking. With the majority of cars bought in the UK being of the used variety, and with many of these being sold privately, vehicle checks are a must in today's market. By utilising a number of publicly-acessible databases, we here at WECHECKIT have attempted to create the first ever free car check service, to act as a springboard for your research when buying a used car.

Forewarned is forearmed...

Every year, it is thought that over half a million cars are written off by insurance firms for various reasons. Of these 600,000, around 30% are categorized as being too dangerous to be on the road. In addition, on average around 160,000 vehicles are reported to the police as taken without consent (stolen). It goes without saying that these are not the sort of cars you want to buy. Unfortunately, certain portions of the used car sales market is full of such vehicles. It is estimated that car data check services find that 25% of checked vehicles still have finance on on them, 20% have seen one or more number plate changes, and 4% have been completely written off.

Whilst some car problems are instantly noticeable, such as bald tyres or a noisy engine, many are not. Outstanding finance for example, may not be found without digging though a wedge of paperwork, which may itself be missing. Buying a car that has an unpaid car loan taken out for it means the buyer will not aquire the title to it, and they will also not be protected by the Sale of Goods Act.

Avoid the risks...

Don't get caught out when buying a second-hand car - carry out a vehicle data check before making any decisions. Doing so can reduce the risk of any nasty little surprises cropping up, and can prevent you from holding the keys to a car you can't legally drive. Use our service to get an initial free car check, and should you need further peace of mind and any additional information, such as outstanding finance reports or a vehicle mileage check, there are links to further car check services.

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